marathon_before marathon_after Sandblasted floor of tank and coated with 80 mils of polyurea coating for Marathon Oil Co.

We offer sprayed lining for various uses such as waste water containment, oil field tank relining, primary and secondary containment, and chemical storage. We offer a wide range of products to fit your coating needs.

  • Excellent flooring system for concrete or steel tanks.

  • Quick cure time. In most cases, tank can be sandblasted, coated, and put back into service the same day.

  • Flexible and durable. Won't crack or chip like fiberglass and epoxy lining and flooring systems.

  • Weather tolerant. Can be sprayed in almost any temperature without having to heat tank for curing like epoxies and fiberglass.

  • Expands and contracts with tank movement

  • Bridges small cracks, seams, and holes.

  • Unlimited thickness in one application.

  • Good chemical resistance.

  • Good for secondary containment.

  • Can be applied to a wide variety of substrates: metal, wood, fiberglass, geotextile fabric and concrete.


liners3 Sprayed 100 mils of polyurea with granules added for a
nonslip surface of the City of Sturgis slide area.



iverson2 Sprayed 80 mils of polyurea on 16,000 SF of concrete for Iverson Construction




Sandblasted steel and coated with flame spray powder coat system.
The slide was recoated with an epoxy for the City of Belle Fourche.


    Concrete sewage lift station lined with 90 mils of polyurea for City of Billings, MT.